JUCIE Staff Bag (price revision)


Replica model of the tour-issued staff bag

Prices have been revised. (10 June 2021)

¥74,800 => 52,800 Yen incl. tax

The product will be shipped within 2 business days from the date of order.

The embroidery programme will be dispatched approximately 15 working days after the date of your order.

The embroidery program will be charged separately at ¥6,600 for the front pocket, ¥8,800 for the back pocket and ¥13,200 for the set of two locations. Please enter your desired embroidery details in the "Order Memo" box on the payment form.

For the alphabet, you can choose the special Juicy original font. Chinese characters and kana are also available. The basic colours of embroidery thread are light grey, grey and black. Please contact us if you require a different typeface or colour.

The embroidery space is limited. Front pocket [20*100mm (5 characters per row)], back pocket [40*160mm (8 characters per row)].

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  • Name Juicy Stuff Bag
  • Size 9.5 inches
  • Weight 5.3kg (including hood)
  • Color: 1 color (gray/silver gray)
  • ITEM NO. JCB-01