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The unique manufacturing process brings a high level of precision and confidence to the golfer's wedge work. The sole variation that corresponds to the ideal approach style demanded by various golfers will improve your short game ability in any situation.

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Dynamic Gold and Dynamic Gold EX TOUR ISSUE are currently out of stock due to the manufacturer's long-term shortage. Due to irregular delivery times, we have set up a special sales page for Dynamic Gold S200 so that we can update the stock status as soon as possible. Customers wishing to purchase the Dynamic Gold S200 can do so via theThis special page Please place your order from For other Dynamic Gold S300, S400, X100 and Dynamic Gold EX TOUR ISSUE, please contact us directly by email at sij@ex-jucie.com or by phone at 027-386-9290.

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  • Designed by shot type

We determine the performance that various golfers are looking for and incorporate all the performance features for each shot type in the data creation stage. Even professional golfers who are particular about their shots will find the shape and performance to be highly reliable and highly accurate.


  • 3D CAD design

While controlling the target center of gravity performance, we carefully create even slight differences in shape. Using 3D CAD to create the smallest of details is one of Jucie's most advanced craftsmanship techniques.



After forging and molding, the entire head is further machined one by one by CNC control. This creates a high- precision head that is line with the design data. The characteristic parts that are the key to performance are machined and polished delicately to carefully create the ease of stance and warmth that is essential for a tool with a sense of precision.


  • EDM (Electrical Discharge Milling)

The face surface is machined by CNC control and scoring lines are engraved with precision. In addition, Electrical Dischage Machining (EDM) enhances the surface roughness performance between grooves to increase the maximum spin on a variety of wedge shots.


  • SOLE SHAPE (B, S, G, D)

The B-Sole "Easy to hit with confidence" The B-Sole functions precisely in a variety of situations, such as rough and bunkers. The B-Sole is the base of a wide range of unique sole shapes.

S-Sole "A good sound is a good barometer" The flat sole conveys the strike to the lie delicately. The S-Sole is ideal for those who are looking for precision and consistent impact.

G-Sole "Volume supports technique" The wide sole and low bounce but high volume sole support contact from various angles and enable a variety of shots.

The D-Sole is designed to open up the face. The bounce works even when the face is open, so it is possible to hit low balls with a lot of spin.

  • specification



  • The tT wedge is compatible with the following personalisation programmes

▶ Surface treatment programme: 4,950 yen per unit including tax

Engraving programme: 3,300 yen per place including tax

Learn more about the ▷Personalisation Programme

Customers who require custom specifications

Special order sheetPlease write down the specifications you require to sij@ex-jucie.com ) or by fax (027-386-9298). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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4709B, 5109B, 5509B, 5810B, 5810S, 5808G, 6010D


N.S.PRO MODUS3 WEDGE105, N.S.PRO MODUS3 WEDGE125, Dynamic Gold S200, Dynamic Gold S300, Dynamic Gold S400, Dynamic Gold X100, N.S.PRO 950GH neo〈R〉, N.S. PRO 950GH neo〈SR〉, N.S.PRO 950GH neo〈S〉, N.S.PRO MODUS3 WEDGE115 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 105〈R〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 105〈S〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 105〈S〉 (+1,000 yen) PRO MODUS3 TOUR 105〈R〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 105〈X〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 120〈R〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 120〈S〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 120〈X〉 (+1, PRO MODUS3 SYSTEM3 TOUR 125〈R〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 SYSTEM3 TOUR 125〈S〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S. PRO MODUS3 TOUR 130〈R〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 130〈S〉 (+1,000 yen), N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR 130〈X〉 (+1,000 yen), Dynamic Gold EX TOUR ISSUE S200 (+9,000 yen ), Dynamic Gold EX TOUR ISSUE X100 (+9,000 yen)


Juicy Original Rubber JGP-01 (without back line), Iomic Sticky2.3 Silver Grey x Black (without back line) (+1,500yen), Iomic X-GRIP Silver Grey x Black (without back line) (+1,500yen), Golf Pride Tour Velvet Rubber M60R (without back line) (+1,000yen)

lie angle

Standard, +0.5°, -0.5°, +1°, -1°, +1.5°, -1.5°

loft angle

Standard, +1°, -1

Blackening treatment

Without (no plating, smoky finish), With (smoky grey finish) (+4,500 yen)

Name engraving

None, Yes (please indicate in the order notes) (+JPY 3,000)